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8 Easy Ways to Deter Thieves from Your Property

Sometimes, without even knowing it, we can lure thieves on to our property. You must do what you can to stop this happening to you and protect your family from harm, and the good news is that this can be done simply in 8 steps. Don’t worry; you don’t have to cover your property in heavy-duty metal slabs – follow our advice! Here are eight easy ways to deter thieves from your property: You can check this site to get more information about it.

1. Don’t Show Off

If you leave things lying around in your garden, you can almost guarantee that thieves are going to be drawn to your property. Keep bikes, scooters, and other items in your garage away from thieving eyes. You should also take special care that you don’t leave any empty boxes to be new and exciting appliances out by the bins for anyone to see. 

2. Don’t Leave Yourself a Key

Although leaving a spare key for yourself is useful if you ever get locked out, a thief could easily spot you retrieving it and make a note of the hiding place next time they’re in the area. Give a spare key to a trusted family member instead, and call them when you get locked out.

3. Lock Doors and Windows

Make sure you keep every door and every window locked, especially when you leave the house so that thieves can’t find their way in. You don’t have to put bars on them or anything, make sure you’ve checked that they’re all locked and secure.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is significant for several reasons. First of all, you’ll be able to get a better idea of who they are and whether they’re trustworthy. Second, your neighbors will be more likely to call the police for you should they notice anything suspicious going on around your property if they like you. 

5. Pretend You Have Extra Security

Extra security can be expensive, but you can pretend you have it by putting up signs and fake cameras. This will deter thieves even though they’re fake, as they won’t want to take their chances! 

6. Purchase Extra Security

Of course, if you have the budget, you can always purchase extra security for real. Vacant property security and similar systems will all help to alert people to wrongdoing in your property and scare away burglars. 

7. Install Light Sensors

Light is a great way to stop night time break-ins, so install light sensors that come on when someone is near the property. 

8. Open Up Your Garden

If your garden is full of trees and shrubs, a thief will see it as the perfect place to hide, either when they make their escape or their entry. By making your garden more open and exposed, the thief will be less likely to consider your home a suitable place to break in to. 

See? Deterring thieves doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow our eight easy steps, and you can sleep soundly!