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Advanced Procedure Provides Solution For Bunions

Bunions are enlarged big toe joint areas, which is caused by the bone parallel to pushing the big toe inward. Many people in Towson endure the discomfort and pain associated with bunions because they do not know where to turn for treatment or think that they can not take the time to fix the problem.

A bunion in the early stage appears as an unsightly box on the side of the foot. If left untreated, it can become worse and the first leg may eventually overlap both legs or other cause foot problems such as hammertoes, calluses, ingrown toenails, or early arthritis. For more information about treatment of bunion in Towson visit

The Most Advanced Techniques to Treat Bunions

Many certified podiatrists may offer a surgical procedure called a bunionectomy. This is a procedure that will correct the bunion deformity. Using the most advanced technology available, podiatrists can reduce enlarged joints behind the first leg and straighten the spine misalignment using a small titanium screw -alloy, or principal to maintain the correct position.

The incision is closed using a plastic surgery technique that allows for the very thin, pleasant cosmetic scar. The outpatient procedure takes about an hour and the patient, in many cases, can be run at boot running within a few days of operation. Follow-up visits required for bandage changes and the results of the X-ray monitor.

Do not wait for your bunions to be a painful burden. Consult with your podiatrist in Towson to schedule your bunionectomy. It will change your legs and relieve pain and discomfort. Educate yourself about the procedure and post-op care will help you know what to expect and will help you prepare for your operation.