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All About Fire Safety & Risk Assessments

The fire safety and risk assessment in the commercial setting is a way to meet the legal requirements that have to be followed to protect employees as well as your company from the dangers of fires. The law is extremely specific that regulates fire safety management and assists in identifying the fire-related risks and how to handle the risks.

The Regulatory Reform for Fire Safety Order 2005 is the applicable law, and it stipulates that a person who is responsible be employed to perform the proper fire engineering work. The person who is responsible could be the proprietor of an industrial enterprise or even a property occupier, or even an employee.

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They are responsible to conduct an assessment of the risk of fire and implement fire security measures. The goal of these measures is to limit the danger to humans! After this is done, the record of the assessment is to be maintained up to date.

The reform to the fire safety regulations is also a sign, it is now mandatory for fire protection equipment to be installed in specific areas. This includes periodic inspections and/or the maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers or other equipment used to fight fires.

This is why firms that assess fire risks must collaborate with clients to make sure all legal requirements are fulfilled.