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All About Photography Lighting

Photographers need lots of light when shooting outdoors. However, it is often in the wrong spot as it lights up the faces. Sometimes the shadows are too dark, and the highlights are blurred. The best photographer must find ways to soften outdoor light using shade trees, or objects that shade the face so that the light can be filtered through. What about indoors?

Studio photographers will use flash or continuous lighting to create a moving, and controlled light. You can also buy various photography lighting equipment from

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Recently, I've been researching the benefits and challenges of various lighting technologies. Radio-controlled flash devices allow the photographer to place multiple flash units at the exact right spots. Professional photographers use flash strobes within their studios.

Continuous lighting allows the photographer to see the subject's light at all times. The "cool" lighting technology has been improved to produce daylight without the heat associated with "hot". Although continuous lighting is great for beginners, it can be more expensive than flash setups.

Photographers who have a fixed studio can use umbrellas or softboxes to soften the light. These can be powered by flash units or any other color-correct lighting that is always on.

To find tutorials on portraiture, search for "lighting & posing". These tutorials will show you how to photograph a portrait starting from the position of your body and the proportion of light to each side.