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Alternative Scoliosis Treatment – Promising Technologies Lead The Way

The world's rapidly advancing in the treatment of scoliosis (finally) for a breakthrough in the field of testing prognosis and early-stage scoliosis intervention.

Soon the day’s scoliosis brace treatment and scoliosis surgery will fade into the dark ages of the past and more preventive and model of pro-active treatment of scoliosis will appear. At the forefront of this progress are very sophisticated prognostic testing and alternative scoliosis innovative treatment options. One can find more about best scoliosis clinic in Malaysia via an online search. 

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Scoliscore genetic testing: Tests Scoliscore is a saliva-based test that compares the genetic markers for scoliosis patients with severe action against the known profile of 53 genes.

That compared to know the profile is 99% accurate. This means that this test can determine with much certainty patient's genetic predisposition to develop scoliosis curvature of the spine is severe.

Scoliosis blood tests: One is based on the genetic predisposition and the other assumed in osteopontin (OPN) level of the patient. Explanation OPN is quite long and more tiring than this discussion needs to get, but it is a major regulator of bone growth.

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention: Most researchers now agree that the root causes of idiopathic scoliosis are most likely neurological and more specifically, the under-development of postural control centers in the brain stem involuntary.

Armed with idiopathic scoliosis cuts mainly a neurological condition that primarily affects the spine, using a single methodology for drastic changes in the treatment of scoliosis.