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An Introduction to Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows can be viewed as a timeless classic in the windows industry. They have been around for almost 400 years; however the popularity of these windows declined about 50 years before enjoying another recent revival.

 In this article, we will learn more about box sash windows and about some of the customisations which can be done. We will also consider some of the pros and cons of choosing these types of windows for your home or house.

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The first type of sling box –

The first type of box sash windows we will see is the "traditional sling box". As the name implies, this is a very traditional kind of window, which may look simple but elegant. Traditional box sash windows tend to operate based on the weight system, which allows the function is very easy to lift the window up and down.

This window is very advantageous in terms of being able to cool the room during the hot environment. This is because the multi-stream system that allows both the warm air to escape, while letting in the cold air. There is a traditional sash or window boxes that will flatter your space.

Semi balance sling –

The next type to consider is the balance spring window sash. types of windows can be seen as a more modern version of the traditional heavy and various pulleys. One major advantage of this approach to the window is that it does away with the need to have a system of weights.

This in turn means that the design of the windows and the operation can be significantly less than traditional sash windows as possible. It would be very advantageous in a smaller space or more closed where sleek design lines can be seen to wonderful effect.