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Are diabetic socks really needed if you have diabetes?

Those that have diabetes are at a greater risk for many issues as the higher blood glucose levels may damage almost every organ in your body that has a blood supply. This puts people with diabetes at increased probability of heart and other circulatory disorders. The renal system and the eyes are regularly affected. Of a lot of concern is what could happen to the feet. As a result of the effects to the blood circulation and nerve sensation the feet usually are especially vulnerable to the diabetes complications. Since the feet are be subject to a great deal of stress and is stuffed into the inhospitable environment of the shoes, it should be no surprise that it might be such a concern. The inadequate nerve sensation means that any harm that will occur might not be felt, so it can continue to worsen. After damage happens the poor blood flow means that healing of any wounds and coping with any infection is going to be reduced.

Because the foot is so frequently affected in diabetes, they need to take special care of the foot. All those with diabetes are recommended to see a podiatrist often and quickly to take care of any problems that occur in the feet. There are plenty of preventative practices that people with diabetes should use to prevent problems happening. It is necessary that the shoes be fitted correctly. Correct diabetic hosiery should also be used. They are socks which do not restrict the blood flow and have antibacterial attributes to deal with any potential infection. A number of these diabetic socks also have a large absorbing capacity, so may also help avoid sweaty feet. Assistance needs to be provided regarding the use of suitable footwear so that they will not damage the feet. Just about any foot deformity or pressure points are particularly an issue, so they must be dealt with properly. Above all, people who have diabetes really need to check their feet every day to look for any potential issues.