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Benefits of Timber Crates

Wood packaging is used for many purposes, including its widespread use in the packaging of heavy equipment and machinery, and in transportation around the world. Shipping your goods in timber boxes can protect your valuable cargo by ensuring that the packages are delivered safely and in perfect condition. But that's not the only reason they are popular.

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Read on to find out more! Here are some reasons to choose timber boxes for your next shipment:

Stacking: When the weight is evenly distributed and the materials inside are packed properly, wooden boxes can withstand a tremendous vertical stress, which makes them very easy to stack. This makes it easier for you to have more space in your warehouse or in your transportation facility.

Durability: Wooden crates are extremely durable and reliable and provide an extra layer of protection for even the most delicate and fragile items. They are very stable and strong and guarantee that your product will reach its destination without damage.

Enhanced protection: wooden boxes form a barrier against external forces that could damage their contents in any case. You can easily protect the contents from moisture, dust, dirt and other foreign matter.

Availability: Wooden crates tend to be less expensive than other shipping options, mainly because they are cheaper to manufacture. The materials used are simpler and more natural so they require less processing.