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Bike-Related Road Markings

A bicycle lane is a portion of a street adjacent to the travel lane that is reserved for bicyclists. Bicycle lanes are typically on the right side of the road and are designated with pavement markings with arrows that direct bicyclists in the direction of travel.

Bike lane road markings are typically also placed alongside the road. A bicyclist should always travel in the same direction of traffic when using a bike lane unless the pavement markings in a bike lane indicate you may travel against traffic.

Green Bike Lanes

Cars are not allowed to park or drive in the bike lane. However, when making a right turn, they must submit to bicycle traffic and merge into the bicycle lane before making the turn. A well-designed intersection will always put straight through bicycle traffic in the right lane to the left turn. As bike lanes approaching the intersection or bus stop, the white line can be run to demonstrate the shared space between the bike and rotate through riders.

Bicycles are not required to ride on the bike path Several reasons will not be riding bikes on the bike path, including that they may be in the "door zone" of parked cars, or they may be blocked by parked cars, debris, or snow and ice. Whenever a bike entering or leaving the bike path, they must be sure to look behind them, signaling, and proceeds to vehicles already in the adjacent travel lane.