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Black Summer Truffles Are a Big Step Up From Your Favorite Spicy Foods

Black Truffle sea salt is among the highest two or three selling commercial salts worldwide. Most people love it for its rich earthy taste. While black Truffle can be pricey, you may be pleasantly surprised to know the going market value in 2011, per pound, for black truffle salt range from $1500/ Pound to as much as $7500/ Pound. White Truffle is considered to be richly flavored, not many people can afford it at its premium level. However, there are ways to enjoy Truffle if you are able to afford it.

One way to enjoy black truffle salt and have your cake and eat it too is to make a black truffle puff pastry. Puff pastry is a tasty treat that resembles an angel food cake. In addition to enjoying the pastry with a rich flavor, a puff pastry is commonly covered with cream cheese and chocolate chips to add to the rich chocolate flavor. Another way to enjoy truffles is to dip them in a nice warm egg batter and then drizzle it with rich dark chocolate.

The black truffle sea salt is made by mixing different fine quality Italian raw ingredients. The various ingredients used to make this type of salt include Caesars Dicomonti, Cane Sugar, Turmeric, Black Stilton flakes, Fennel, Parsley, Nutmeg, Ginger Root, Lemon Juice, Black and White Baking Soda, Vanilla Extract, and Natural Vitamin E. To create this fine salt, each of these ingredients must be mixed together using the finest mixing equipment. After blending the ingredients, it must be allowed to rest for several hours so that all the ingredients combine and become a smooth paste. Then, it must be tested to make sure that it has the right texture.

Another important ingredient that goes into making Italian black truffles is popcorn salt. Popcorn is very salty and adding this to any food will enhance its taste tremendously. Before the ingredients are mixed together, the temperature of room temperature is heated to about 120 degrees Celsius. This temperature allows the ingredients to properly mix and makes it easier for the mixture to take shape.

The next ingredient that is required to make this dish taste its best is pasta. It is important to use long, dry pasta because longer pasta cooked in medium heat will yield a more tender pasta. For this dish, a long spaghetti fork is used to cook the pasta dough. The sauce for this dish is prepared with Feta, cream cheese, onions, garlic, Rosemary, and cornflour. To add a nice flavor to the sauce, oil is used to complement the different tastes of the ingredients.

In order to complete the entire process, the sauce is simmered until it thickens. It is then added to the pasta and cooked for several minutes. Once it is done, it is thoroughly mixed together. The result is a delicious sauce that is flavored with basil, Rosemary, and onions. Then, the black truffle mushrooms are sauteed on top and served with the sauce.

In order to fully enjoy the taste of this dish, it should be topped with a piece of thin crusty bread with some black truffle salt on it. This will add the final touches to the dish and seal in the flavors of the ingredients. By simply doing this simple step, it will be easy for anyone to understand the importance of using authentic Italian black truffles. This special treatment does not only taste great, but it also has a very unique texture. The saltiness of the ingredients combines perfectly with the creamy and earthy flavors of the cheese to produce a wonderful harmony in taste.

If you have never tried an authentic Italian recipe using authentic black truffle salt, then you are definitely missing out. This salty treat is certainly going to give you a different spin on one of your favorite foods. If you have a difficult time choosing among the many recipes available, then why not take a trip to your local deli and see how it is prepared? You might just find an easier and more enjoyable way of enjoying this richly-flavored cheese.