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Choosing The Right Driving Instructor

The choice of a good driving instructor is essential and sometimes an arduous task. Potential students must make sure that they are a fan of the instructor and that the instructor has the appropriate personal characteristics for them. 

For instance, nervous drivers aren't likely to be able to cope with a rude or impatient instructor. Beyond that, pupils must be aware of the small but vital elements that could have an impact on the number of driving lessons needed to pass a test, and ultimately the price of intensive impulsive driving lessons.

 The most important things to look into prior to booking driving lessons include:

1. What proportion of a typical class is spent in a car stationary, studying theory? If 20 minutes of every hour are being spent at a desk it is evident that this will reduce the driving experience that can be gained.

2. How long will each lesson in driving last? Some instructors shorten lesson durations by 50 minutes in order to boost the amount of money they earn – students must take note of this when comparing the price of their lessons with different driving schools. 

3. Where do driving classes begin and finish? If the pupil is in the countryside most of the lesson may be spent on peaceful roads, rather than developing the skills required to navigate a busy city or town center.