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Custom T-Shirts Printing: How to Design Your Own T-Shirt

Custom t-shirt printing is growing in popularity because people want to be more individual with what they are wearing. Knowing how to design your own t-shirt gives you an edge over your friends because you no longer have to look for unique designs in the mall.

In fact, you are not limited to T-shirts. You can also design your own hoodies, rashes, polos and sports gear, not to mention children's clothes and various tops for women. If it can be printed, then you can design it yourself! You can get personalized garments online via

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Print custom t-shirts

Do you have a design you would like to use? What would you like to see on your shirt or top? In this case, you can print it on the garment of your choice. Gone are the days of having to find a shop for a design you like. You can save a lot of time by choosing a design first rather than walking around trying to find something you like.

How to make your own t-shirt

Many clothing print shops will allow you to use online design tools. You can use this to transfer your designs to the clothes you have chosen. You can even use layers to combine different designs or patterns, scaling tools, special effects, and text tools to add names or slogans.

You can use pictures, image files, or even your own digital photos. However, follow these tips for the optimal file format for your final image. When you are satisfied with the final design, send it to the printer with your order. Then they will print it for you.