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Eco-Friendly Packaging Options For Ecommerce Retailers

In this article, we are going to discuss packing material. The pros and cons of both are well documented, but the most important thing to note is that they are usually made of plastic (as in oil) and not bio-degradable. With the amount of bubble wrap and peanuts are used worldwide every day this issue is quite clear.

These products are made from some pretty nasty things Polyethylene, Polystyrene, and Polyurethane (which consists of all kinds of chemicals including acetone, methylene chloride, and fluorocarbons). Find out about eco-friendly packaging with an online search. 

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Aside from toxic chemicals that are used by the majority based plastic packaging materials.

Here are some ideas for alternative packaging options to consider using when preparing customer orders for shipment.

Soy products expanded foam-based is a more environmentally-friendly choice. Derived from soybeans, and because it is renewable and biodegradable, this product is an exact fit to the shape of your product. It maximizes protection by minimizing movement inside the carton.

This product is also very lightweight; reduce the cost of additional shipping heavier materials. Realistic expandable foam is best for a larger operation because special equipment room and the process will require.

Again, it's not pretty, but the old cardboard can be cut into strips and then rolled tightly. Place the rolls vertically into the packing box around the item in the box; reels will then expand to provide a cushion. Similar to the newspaper, if some care is taken in front of a neat box cut or prepare the final product can work in a way that looks good for your customers.