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Effective web design is an apprenticeship with costs for adaptation and simplicity. If a program is too simple, it can only be used for one purpose – but if it is too flexible, it might be too difficult for new users to learn.

Drupal aims to reunite these detrimental goals by giving its users the resources they set to complete their own fun control solutions, while still providing some prebuilt tools to help them get started.

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As such, it can be stated both as a Content Management System (CMS) and Content Management Framework (CMF) – an arrangement that seeks to receive the strength of both, after their shortcomings.

Most CMSs like bait toys or barter toys – special assumptions have been made about their use, the assumption will be more difficult for you to overwrite. The framework, on the other hand, accommodates you only with raw abstracts – you have to understand programming languages, and have understandable design ideas, to integrate them.

Drupal is like a Lego kit. Skilled developers have made architectural blocks – in the anatomy of contribution modules – which you set to actualize websites that meet your needs, be it account sites, online stores, funny networks, blogs, wikis, or something overseas altogether.

Creating informative websites that broadcast from "one to many" is something that many CMSs do outside the box. However, Drupal really shines is if you want to authorize website users to actualize content, and connect with each other – effective from "one to many" to "many to many."