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Fireplace Service: All You Need To Know

Competent installation and maintenance, including repairs, is essential. It is also important to understand the sizes, types, and characteristics of the various devices installed. The specific fuels used and the configuration of your fireplace ventilation system are also important.

Fireplace element

The question that needs to be asked: when we talk about maintaining a fireplace, we are talking about installation, repair, or just monitoring. The answer to that question is in one word: yes.

Fireplaces must be serviced at least once a year and certainly before summer. You need to hire professionals to get the best fireplace services.

Here are the steps:

The process begins with a chimney inspection, during which an experienced fireplace specialist must determine how severe the smoke gas pollution is. Chimney walls covered in soot or creosote are a major cause of chimney fires. Your fire insurance operator will be very interested to know that this assessment has been made.

If the chimney is dirty, use a chimney cleaner in the next step. Professional chimney sweepers know the different types of dirt in the chimney and have the necessary chemicals and tools to remove them.

After the chimney is clean, it is necessary to decide whether the masonry needs repair. If deficiencies are found at this point, the following tasks should be performed:

Installing brick and stone walls outdoors may require the replacement of brick (or stone) and mortar in response to fireplace weathering.

Often, fireplace service involves a change in the use of the fireplace itself, including installing a wood, pellet, or gas stove, including a gas fireplace or gas appliance, or even adding gas to an existing installation.