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The Quran was revealed fourteen centuries ago, mentions facts that have only recently been discovered or proven by scholars. This proves the doubt about the Quran that it is the literal name of God and that the Quran is not authored by Muhammad or any other human being. By educating the Qur'an the right way, you can keep the religion of peace, compassion, forgiveness, full of wisdom and insight.

And this can only be done with the proper guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced teacher who can convey various aspects of the teaching of the Quran to others. Get online Quran course from Quran University.

Quran revealed the word of God which is the primary source of every Muslim's practice and faith. He deals with all subjects that concern humans: wisdom, teaching, worship, business, law, etc., but his main subject is the relationship between God and His creatures.

At the same time, he provides detailed guidance and teaching about a just society, right human behavior, and a just economic system.

The Quran is an extraordinarily refined manuscript that represents the essence of Islam. This religious book taught monotheism, brotherhood, love for one another, and various methods to improve our existence in this world. He most clearly explained various facts and made appropriate comments. Thus, the Quran is an important document that challenges the reader to think, ponder and research for himself.