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Homescapes Cheats to Get free Stars with Coins

Are you searching for Homescapes free Stars and coins which can be used to purchase different game goodies?

Homescapes Cheats:

homescapes cheats

Homescapes games are developed by a gaming company named “Playrix,” which is also credited to create Game titles known as Gardenscapes. Even Homescapes stories begin with the Gardenscapes character Austin, the butler.

Austin, the butler, returns home to find his ancestral home is getting sold due to negligence. Now you need to help Austin to renovate his ancestral mansion and make it looks new.

Homescapes game has more than 100 million users who play this game day and night. This game is based on a 3-puzzle game, which means you need to solve a puzzle to get ahead into the game.

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Some of the Unique features of Homescapes game are as follows

  • Cool Graphics and easy game to play
  • Based on the popular 3-puzzle game
  • The official currency of Homescapes is
    • Homescapes Coins
    • Homescapes Stars
  • Homescapes Stars can be used to purchase items to renovate rooms
  • Homescapes Coins can be used to purchase game boosters
  • You can decorate any mansion or room according to your taste
  • There is no restriction of time; the only restriction is moves
  • Get help from cute pets in your journey
  • Get huge rewards when you connect your account with Facebook

04 Method Homescapes Cheats to Get free Stars with Coins

01 Method # Join Facebook to receive Bonus

You should connect your Homescapes account with Facebook to receive bonus

  • Get 1000 Homescapes coins
  • Get free spins
  • Share your progress with friends
  • Share pictures of mansion and upgrades with our friends

02 Method # Join Playrix games

Check your Homescapes dashboard and click on the icon present, which tells a bonus. You can join different Playrix games and install them on your smartphone to receive a huge bonus.

As you all know, Homescapes games are developed by Playrix, which also develops 04 games. You can install those games and receive a huge bonus in the Homescapes game account.

  • 04 games which are developed by Playrix are as follows
    • Gardenscapes
    • Township
    • Fishdom
    • Wildscapes
  • Get free spins and coins when you install these games

03 Method # Login Daily

If you are playing Homescapes game regularly, then you should always login daily. This will provide you with different game goodies, which can be used to clear your difficulty levels.

Consider these points for login daily in Homescapes

  • You can receive game goodies like this
    • Booster
    • Coins
    • Hearts
    • Free Game moves
  • You will also get daily update and information on new updates
  • Check your friend's progress in a leaderboard
  • Get daily bonus, which will help your clear difficult levels in Homescapes

04 Method # Free Coins and Stars with Video Ads

In Homescapes, you can earn free Coins and Stars when you watch video ads.

Video ads can be found in your “Daily To-Do List,” which will be available in your Dashboard of Homescapes.

You can get free Star and Coins when you finish watching Video Ads.

The length of Video ads is from 30 seconds to 40 seconds, which will fetch you with free game goodies like free Coins, gems, and boosters.

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Final words

So, these are the 04 methods to get Homescapes cheats to find free Coins and Gems without any human verification.