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How Kava Roots In Australia Are Best For Reducing Anxiety?

Research has shown that Kava Root can have positive effects on people suffering from anxiety disorders. A study of 101 patients suffering from anxiety disorders over a 25-week period looked at the effect from Kava Root on the symptoms they experience. 

Kava Root  showed significant superiority over placebo when patients evaluated their anxiety symptoms with an instrument called the Hamilton Ratings Scale for Anxiety. It also demonstrated that adverse effects of Kava Root are very rare and are mild.You can also buy Kava root powder in Australia at

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Another study investigated Kava Root on physical and psychological responses to stress. Fourteen volunteers were required to take on a variety of mental stress-related tasks. The researchers observed physiological indicators of stress, such as heart rate and blood pressure and psychological indicators of stress using reports from the participants. 

The tests were conducted when the participants were at rest, and after they had completed the tasks that were stressful. The initial session was conducted without the use of Kava Root or placebo.

 A week later, following seven days of treatment with the choice of Kava Root and placebo, subjects were again able to complete the tasks, and were screened for indications of stress. 

The people who took Kava Root showed a significant reduction in blood pressure as compared to the placebo group that suggests an opportunity of Kava Root may increase physiological resistance to stress.