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How Safe Is the Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is the most controversial topic in the world of teeth. Most people tend to question the safety of the procedure. It was because of misleading information being shared on the Internet because of which most patients prefer alternative medicine. You can also find more about root canal treatment via or various other online sources.

The root canal is the perfect solution for treating tooth decay that affects the roots of the teeth. Treatment involves the removal of infected pulp. After removal, the teeth are properly cleaned. After cleaning, the dental filling material remains in the tooth to cover the space left by the pulp. This procedure allows patients to keep their teeth healthy. However, the tooth that is dead for the living tissue has been removed. Apparently, it is the perfect solution for preventing tooth loss.

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The safety of treatment depends on how it is done. According to various studies, a bacterial infection in the root canal is at 100%. The researchers argue that in most cases, only 44% of the bacteria is removed. Therefore, the remaining 56% of the bacteria will continue to cause damage to neighboring teeth which will lead to serious dental problems in the long run. 

After the root canal treatment, the remaining bacteria may cause further infection if it is not treated. That's why dental patients are given antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics have their own negative side effects. Apparently, antibiotics are not effective in the reduction of pain and swelling. That suggests they may not be useful for patients who have undergone root canal procedures.