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How To Begin Using A Timber Decking Kit?

This may seem obvious however when it comes to making a deck for your garden it is important to sketch out the decking in writing before taking out an axe! There is, however, an answer to this difficult planning phase.

A quality decking kit for timber will supply you with the entire deck boards, timber as well as joists, fixings, and joists required to build a high quality, long-lasting and beautiful decking space in a shorter time and much less effort.

You can also opt for affordable outdoor timber wood decking in Singapore.

Timber Decking - What is the best timber to use for decking?

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Of course, there are certain aspects of your project that must be considered whether you are using the kit or not. One of the first things to think about is the location: Would you like your deck to provide a setting that is cool, sunny, or in between? 

Are you looking for your deck to be near your home or near the end of your garden? Do you want privacy to be a priority in your brand new deck?

If the decking for your patio will be installed in a continuous or near-constant shade, think about whether it could be more susceptible to fungal algae and molds.

Timber patios that take up more than 50% of your garden's surface are most likely to require approval for planning (as will decking in raised gardens that is over 600mm higher than the ground).

Be aware of any drainage or pipes systems that run under the surface of the proposed decking area, particularly in the case of an elevated decking surface with posts made of sunken timber for support.