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How to Choose the Right Colors For Interior Painting?

The color choice of the right interior paint of a room can be difficult with all the theories of color and detail. But for most of us, our eyes will be able to tell when two colors can work together or just not mix. 

Together with a simple color wheel and some color mixing methods tested time. Learn more here from professional painters.

The color wheel is a simple visual tool to help you evaluate each color’s properties and how every nuance can best blend with a different color. Just go to the Internet and search for “color wheel” for an idea of this tool. 

1. Monotone

This simply means choosing a color of a segment of the color wheel to the entire room or home. You can also mix two different pale shades of the same segment to give a layered effect.

2. harmonious

This means choosing the color segments of the neighboring color wheel. This is a very safe bet because the colors of the adjacent segments have common pigments. So you can choose colors like yellow and orange that will be very comfortable for the eyes.

3. contrast

This color selecting means from segments which are opposed to each other. So you can choose colors like red and green to give you a very strong and bold effect. Red and green is very good for the study room and children’s room.

4. Almost opposite

This means selecting the main color, and then choosing another mixing color from one segment to the right or left of the opposite color segment.