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How to Really Determine Property Value

For those who are willing or motivated to sell their property, the first best question to ask them is: Are you willing to buy property at the price you sell it? This gives a very good feeling for the price they have set.  

Consider the preferences of those interested in buying a property. There are people who prefer rural or suburban areas and there are those who prefer to be near or inside the business district.

No matter how cheap property is but no one likes it, there is almost no value at all! Appraisers in Norwegian fare (which is also known as ‘Bedommere i norsk fare’ in the Norwegian language) are certified for assignments within a number of different subject areas.  

For example, if you have a close friend or a real client who wants to buy a large piece of cheap land and stick to it, then you have buyers who have little. You know his favorite. With this, determining the property value for the buyer has the parameters set.  

Property with a house always has a standard for determining property values. Current market values, the latest sales in the vicinity, certified valuations and competitive market analysis are some common ways.

For homes or structures themselves, it is important to know the type of construction and the materials used in it. Knowing that will give a good estimate of how much it costs per square foot to build a house. Consider the age of the structure because with the older you have to reduce some of the shrinkages from the time it was built.