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Information about Campervan Hiring

You have to make sure that you have a home battery before leaving the yard. Almost all campervans will offer sheets, towels, pillows, and even a sleeping bag. Except for premium class vehicles, it is advisable to take your bedding and towels items.

If you take your own, see if you can leave them behind to save space and avoid the risk of damaging them. If you are looking for sites that provide the services to rent your motorhome then you can visit various online sources.

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Almost all campervan hire companies will supply crockery, cutlery and cooking ingredients. This is usually a tiny bit, but it is acceptable to use. If not mentioned when booking, you have to query your campervan hire company. They are not always cleaned properly by the latter and the company is not possible to clean them between rentals.

Refrigerators better than the cooler in keeping food and drinks cold and fresh, so it is recommended you get one included in the campervan hire you if you can. Find and buy ice all the time for the cooler is a pain, adding to the financial and ice melt tends to destroy some food. If you could find a campervan with a fridge is included then you will be better, but most of the time it means renting a campervan will be slightly more expensive.

Make sure there 15amp power cables supplied by campervan hire company when you're in a location that is very powerful in theory every campervan hire company will supply one, make sure it existed before you leave the depot.  

All powered caravan parks and locations in Australia's resources 15amp use so that the normal domestic electricity cables 10amp, will not work and if you leave the depot without 15amp cable, you'll have to buy one and they are expensive.