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Installing Glass Pool Fencing – Factors to Consider

However, frameless glass fencing is not an easy task to embark on. These considerations will make your selection and installation process easier. Take a look.

Size of the Pool

As some glass fencings are not right for large pools and boast of inadequate tensile strength, they may be unsuitable for larger sized pools. Bigger area requires large strips and boards. Since these materials may/ may not be manufactured in large sizes, you may need to purchase several smaller pieces and join them together.

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Hire a Contractor or DIY

You need to take into account the investments required for hiring a contractor viz-a-viz doing the job on your own. Professional service providers may turn out to be slightly more expensive than your liking but they go long way in making durable and long-lasting structures. Their professionally done jobs will greatly outweigh the costs of hiring.

Purpose of the Fence

Are you putting up the fence for purely aesthetic purposes or do you want to keep your toddlers and pets at bay? The purpose for which the fence is being put up will largely impact your choice of material and the costs of installing the same. For instance, you cannot put up fences with sharp edges, if you have children at home or using your pool.

Opacity or Transparency

Do you want to put up a totally transparent fence to let in more light or are you looking for slightly opaque materials that enhance your privacy and let you savor the delights of your pool in seclusion? Whatever you prefer to choose, remember that the cost of putting up the fence or mounting a large piece of glass will be more or less the same.