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Jobs That Are Suitable And Apt For The Disabled

Over 19 % of any country's population suffers from some form of physical disability or the other, which means that 1 in every 5 people in a has a disability of some kind.

The statistics are startling, yes but they are not necessarily a reason to believe that 'all is lost' for the disabled. In other words, having a physical disability need not mean it is the end of the world. To find out more about disability jobs you can go to

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Being born with a handicap or even getting handicapped due to an incident or accident is something that one cannot control. What they can control however is how they conduct their lives, how they use the rest of their body to their best advantage and how they make their livelihood without depending on anybody else.

There are plenty of jobs that are not only suitable for the disabled but also apt for them. These jobs do not require physical mobility; provide a secure income and also a safe work environment.

Some Suitable Jobs:

Data Entry – Data entry jobs are available in plenty either part time or full time. Most data entry jobs simply need the employee to sit and enter information on a computer thus restricting the need to be mobile. The positions can either be in company offices or freelance where one is allowed to work from home. 

Computer Programming – If you are an IT whiz, computer programming is your best choice. Use your brain to your best advantage and forget that you even have any kind of disability. You can use your forte to get hired with the biggest of companies and get compensated well too. Computer programming jobs will pay relatively well, irrespective of your handicap as they are skilled jobs.