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Know More About West African Tribal Masks

Exotic masks of West Africa portray ancestors, spirit beings and invisible powers. In tribal ceremonial occasions that the folks express moral in addition to significant religions and social worth to the community, together with the African tribal tattoos supplying a symbolic and artistic reflection of those values.

The specific institutions of African tribal tattoos differ widely across different tribes, but it is universal that the artists that make masks are kept in high regard, in addition to the people who use the masks throughout festivals. To know more about african masks you can visit

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Thus, only certain individuals can use masks, predominantly, guys. These guys are the chieftains or kings, the priests of the tribe or maybe those who have high social standing.

Mask-making is widespread among the Maasai of Kenya, who create some magnificent works of art. The art of mask-making is passed from father to son. Together with the instructions of this procedure for this mask structure comprises the teachings of this symbolic significance in every part of the mask.

Dances of West Africa where masks are worn comprise most occasions and ceremonies like initiation rites, weddings, births, and deaths. It is thought that if an individual puts on a ritual mask the person loses a private identity and so becomes the soul the mask symbolizes.

This transformation of the person is encouraged by added costuming, special dance moves and particular music. What happens, then, with this transformation is the person becomes a moderate allowing for communication between the members of their community and the soul impersonated from the mask wearer.