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Leadership Development – A Strategic Need?

Leadership is essential for the sustainable success of any organization. A great leader at the top made a difference to their organization. Everyone agrees with these statements. Experts in the field of human resources mentioned the importance of leadership at all levels and not just that of management at the top.

Mention this, however, a line manager or a sales manager or executive in most organizations and you'll probably treat timid answers. The question of leadership is processed generally by many organizations. Leadership development is usually understood in terms of personal attributes such as charisma, communication, inspiration, drive, tenacity, instinct, etc., and not in terms of what good leadership can do for their organizations. 

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Development leaders fall into the field of human resources. Budgets are framed and expenditures are used with indicators like training hours per employee per year. That good intentions behind the training budgets translate into action or not, are not controlled.

These leadership development expenses, which are based solely on good intentions and general ideas about leadership, are slashed in bad times and get extravagant during good times. Expectations of good leadership and effectiveness should be clearly defined. 

Leadership Development Programs should be selected to develop the leadership skills that can be verified in operational terms. Since leadership development is a strategic need, there is a need for clarity on the aspects above.