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One of the well-known brands is the HT XL 423 data logger, which measures and records the TRMS (True Mean Square) value of an alternating voltage up to 600 V.

A special feature is the sampling period, which can be selected via software. When the memory is full, previously recorded values are retested based on the sampling period, which allows a portion of the memory to be freed. You can also choose the STANDARD OxSim Flex SpO2 Simulator (Pulse Oximeter Tester) that provides flexible control of all your simulations.

The data logger continues to record values based on this algorithm. With this function, the device can support nearly a year of recording. The data set is stored in integrated memory and can be downloaded for further analysis.

Current data logger

Like voltage recorders, current data recorders measure alternating current and direct current.

However, both measurements cannot be done at the same time. Its job is to use a specific logger at this time, e.g. USB current data recorder, which can measure temperature and current from 0 to 20 MA (mill amp).

To measure alternating current with 4 input channels, an alternating current of up to 1200 amps can be measured with an impedance of 100 khm.

With user configurable storage possibilities and alarms, analysis of current behavior can be analyzed for a specific period of time. Also, you can buy biomedical test equipments at Pronk Technologies.

Self-adhesive repair tapes – These tapes help connect various repair components. When used, they provide not only insulation, but also water resistance to the components. In addition, they protect metals from corrosion. Self-adhesive tapes are also easy to use.

When buying tools for maintenance and repair, make sure you use only good quality tools. It not only lasts longer, but is also very important to your safety.

Keep your equipment clean even after use. Lubricate with oil to avoid rust. When using this appliance, first follow the manufacturer's instructions.