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Making Good Graphic Design Portfolios

Online portfolios are similar to the traditional portfolio in terms of their objectives. With internet today, graphic design portfolios are used to highlight a company's products and services. 

Only the best graphic design portfolios rapidly gain popularity and are widely used by small, medium and large businesses to inform online visitors about their web presence.

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Keep the following tips in mind when designing your online portfolio, regardless of whether you want to make your portfolio a full website, a blog, or a section of your website.

  • When creating graphic design portfolios, keep your audience in mind, especially your prospects. Your portfolio should say what you do.
  • Keep it simple and straightforward – your portfolio should focus only on your best work.
  • Say what your customers want to hear.
  • Be professional: don't be too casual about your business. People will take you seriously only if you are professional.
  • Optimise your "about page" to build a good reputation.
  • Provide clear contact details.
  • Have a "hire me" section for instant business opportunities.
  • Add a little SEO to your online portfolio.
  • Graphic design portfolios should be easy to navigate – this is an important aspect, because you will have different types of people visiting your portfolio.
  • Generate enough traffic to convert visitors into customers.

Essential Features of Good Online Portfolios:

  • Any online graphic design portfolio should have the following characteristics:
  • Complete business name of your registered company.
  • Commercial logo of your company / brand.
  • Motto that defines your services and skills.
  • Range of products.
  • Services offered.
  • 'About me' page / section.