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Marijuana and Driving Laws in Michigan

Marijuana became officially legal in the state of Michigan on 6 December 2018, when Regulation Michigan and Marihuana Tax Act was passed ownership of recreation and use of marijuana by people over 21 years.

And 10 years earlier, on December 4, 2008, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act legalized medical marijuana use. There are many now that we know, but there is still much we do not. You can get information about the best marijuana transportation services in Michigan via

Now that recreational marijuana law, here are marijuana and driving laws in Michigan that drivers must comply with. They are as follows:

  • People cannot drive under the influence of marijuana
  • People cannot consume marijuana while driving
  • People cannot smoke marijuana in the passenger compartment of a car or truck while it was on public roads.
  • Drivers cannot drive under the influence of marijuana, regardless of whether it is consumed by recreational or medical.

Since there was no marijuana-detecting breathalyzer is currently being used by law enforcement to identify cannabis-impaired drivers, police relied on other evidence to determine whether the driver has violated marijuana and driving laws in Michigan.

Determining which takes into account, but are not limited to, the following factors:

  • A driver's performance on the field sobriety test standard or non-standard
  • Observations and/or report on how the driver actually driving
  • Observation of the physical condition of the driver
  • Is the driver and/or passenger has the smell of marijuana smoke
  • Statement or receipt by the driver