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Murals, Wallpaper, And The Meaning of Colors

Before painting your walls, adding wallpaper, murals, or another decor to any room in your home, you need to take the time to learn the different emotions that each color you can use will create your space. The color of the room itself can affect the feelings a person feels in it. 

In fact, psychologists say that some colors can increase alertness, aid relaxation, and even improve vision and memory. You can also buy these black-white murals(wandbilder schwarz weiß) as well as other colors too to get an attractive room or space. Let’s get started!

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A color that is the result of a lack of light and color, black is associated with formality and sophistication. Other meanings of this color are death, darkness, immorality, and sin. 


The opposite of the meaning of black and white is often associated with perfection, innocence, purity, and purity. It is used in symbols to represent religious figures and is used in weddings for this reason.


A step between black and white, gray goes with almost anything. With different shades of gray, you can emphasize almost any other color and create a very nice room.

Remember that when you paint, add murals, wallpaper, or other decorations to your home, you are making sure that you convey the impression your room is trying to create.