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Opt For Army Surplus Tents For Camping

Since you were small you used to imagine going camping, just like the soldiers on TV. Now you’re grown up, you still want to go camping, just not with all the gunshots and grenades. All you want now is an authentic camping experience. 

But without a tent your camping goals can’t be achieved. If you want to buy a base x tent visit online.

As you drive hours across state boundaries, you notice subtle climatic and cultural changes. On day two of your trip, it feels like you’re in a different country. Eventually, tired and worn out, you will arrive at the camping park. 

You can take out your tent and pitch it in a sheltered place. The elements are harsher ’round these parts and you’re going to need all the protection you can get. 

The outside covering is usually a polyester fabric and comes in basic military camouflage. Depending on the intended use, military style tents can come with insulation in the roof or vents.

Army surplus tents are fun for kids. If you are looking for versatility, ease of use and durability then don’t overlook the army style.