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Pearl Earrings Highlight a Woman’s Beauty

Pearl drop earrings combine pearl elegance with charming teardrop designs from precious metals. It is perfect for getting up relaxed but also matches the most formal dresses.

Jewelry, based on certain characteristics such as shape, accentuates women's features so there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for pearl jewelry for ears.

Shape of things

With pearl earrings, pearls are the center of attention when someone sees jewelry. Depending on their design, pearl earrings can flatter or exaggerate the shape of the face. Pearl earrings that have a drop-pendant design bring the viewer's attention down to the neck and away from the face, making the wearer look taller and slimmer.

Precious Pearl

Pearls on jewelry have traveled a great distance from mollusks at the bottom of the ocean to the jeweler's artistic hand. No two pearls that look the same make it rare and the perfect choice for making jewelry. 

Artificial methods have been designed to produce cultured pearls. The production of cultured pearls is ideal because it allows one to influence the shape and size of the pearl.

Pearl Quality

Like any piece of jewelry, a drop of pearl earrings is more than a fashion accessory. The price of a pearl earring depends on the color, size, shape, luster, nacre, and texture of the pearl.

Pearls come in various colors ranging from white, black, gold, silver, green, or cream. This mainly depends on the type of mollusk that produces pearls and water conditions. Cultured pearls can vary in color depending on the nucleus used to stimulate production.

The most expensive pearls are perfectly round pearls. The shape varies and actually depends on personal preferences or design requirements. Pearl earrings drop using pearls that are shaped like teardrops. Pearl drop earrings are also highly valued like a ball.