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Philippines a country that is also struggling from Covid-19

Philippines is very famous when it comes to beaches, mountains, beautiful islands, and more. During these times, people from the country encounters a big trial, just like other parts of the world. The very known Corona Virus or the covid-19, hit also the country. It stops most of the things that are normally functioning every day. It closes business, stops transportations, no more cars in the streets, no more parties and many more.

Most of the tourist spots in the country are being closed since March 15, 2020. The economy situation of the country has been affected. No more tourists coming to the country as international flights are also cancelled along with their domestic flights.

Philippines is just a small country which was not spared from this pandemic.

The whale sharks in Oslob has also been closed. This tourist attraction has become famous since 2012 where you can get close to the whale sharks. Locals are also suffering from the closure of their business due to this worldwide crisis. They are still hopeful that this will be put to end as soon as possible.

There are other tourist spots in the country which has been closed since early March of 2020 which mainly affects the economy of the country.