Popular Types of Hardwood Flooring to Choose From

It is good that you have decided to decorate your home with hardwood floors. Undoubtedly, this type of flooring has a luxurious look and timeless appeal. It is one of the most sought-after solutions that will complement any type of décor.

It is also durable, natural, and made from renewable raw materials. If you also want to install hardwood flooring in your office and home, you can contact

You can choose the cut and material according to your preferences. The cutting angle of the wood will determine the final grain of the wood pattern. Generally, you’ll find three types of cut styles: plain or flat, ripped, and quarter cut. Regular pruning is the most common type.

Now let’s discuss popular wood options for floors. While the options are endless, the most popular choices are:

Oak: It is the best choice if you are looking for a floor with a different grain. Available in both solid and engineered finishes, this wood adds distinctive warmth to any space. Depending on the type you choose, between red and white, you will find different grain characteristics in the oak tree. 

Cherries: Cherry wood is obtained from deciduous trees and has a fine, straight grain. Available in various colors from reddish brown to blonde. This type of tree has excellent acoustic appeal but gets darker over time when exposed to sunlight. That’s why installing cherry wood flooring in areas like bedrooms, living rooms, etc. is a reasonable idea.