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Protecting Your Dental Business From Lawsuits

It's extremely important that you protect your dental business from lawsuits. Lawsuits are a normal fear in the hearts of those who work in the healthcare field, and dentists are no exception.

Dentists are typically worried about lawsuits that come in the form of malpractice, employee compensation, or general liability. All of these types of suits can be primarily safeguarded through good practice and insurance. You can also look for professional lawyers in Durham, NC by clicking at:

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However, some of the most popular lawsuits of the last few years revolve around things that are not necessarily covered by any type of insurance.

There are some tips for protecting your dental business from these lawsuits:

Employment Compliance Protection:

In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in businesses of all type losing money and lawsuits in the form of employee discrimination cases. These types of lawsuits are not necessarily covered by any of the typical liability insurances that you probably have for your dental business.

At-Will Employment Laws:

Many dentists believe that at-will laws will protect their dental business should they choose to hire or fire a member of their dental staff. However, these notions are far outdated and often superseded by more modern and politically correct laws aimed at protecting employees.


Arbitration, which keeps disputes out of court and instead has them mediated by an unbiased third party, was designed to protect your dental business in many ways. Many dentists have their dental employees, and sometimes their patients, sign arbitration agreements so that any legal issues affecting your dental business will not be brought to court.