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Reasons Not To Eat GMO Foods

Knowing what is in your food is a challenge. The challenge is that it is hard to tell what foods are genetically modified and what foods are safe. Here are six reasons why you do not want to eat genetically modified foods.

1. They are untested. Believe it or not the FDA and the USDA do not test genetically modified foods for safety. There is no way of knowing the long-term effects of eating these foods. Some serious health risks have been reported.

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2. We are eating pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides when we eat GMO foods. The plant is altered to withstand massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides. These are sprayed on the field to kill the weeds and the bugs. The altered plant takes up the pesticides and herbicides and we eat these poisons. And the farmers are spraying more and more insecticides and herbicides on their altered crops.

3. If you have a food allergy you have no way of knowing what is in the food you are eating. In the past, a nut gene was inserted into soybeans. Someone recognized that people allergic to nuts would be unaware of this and fortunately the project was canceled. But the gene used to modify the plant is often a trade secret.

4. A German Scientific journal reported that city dwellers had 5 to 20 times the limit of herbicides in their urine than the amount allowed in the water. The amount of herbicides we are exposed to in foods is extremely high. Mother's breast milk has tested positive for at least one agrochemical. Some breast milk tested higher than the allowed level in cow's milk.