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Religion In Mediation: A Different Perspective?

Mediation disputes can be advantageous based on religious sources. A pastor tells a negotiator, "The truth will set you free!" The negotiator replied: "What is 'truth'?" It all depends on your perception! By the way, why are you telling me this? What's the interest behind your position? "

It's easy to imagine how this type of conversation could get worse. However, it can also be seen as a starting point for reflection on how various groups – in this case, religious communities and mediation experts – can interact constructively. You can also search the web to look for Christian mediation helpful services.

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Training seminars focus on equipping participants with the skills necessary for constructive dialogue, negotiation, and mediation. Such seminars, which usually last a few days to a week, have become an important part of many dialogues and conflict processes.

The logic behind this training seminar is not only to provide an exchange platform for the participants but also to provide a method that helps this exchange more constructive for all the participants involved.

Why use religious resources?

Why does mediation or negotiation of educators use religious resources when dealing with religious communities? One obvious reason is to make the principles behind the reconciliation effort more legitimate and digestible.

The language is used by the community itself. And such terminology can animate ideas, mobilize the religious resources of a community, and speak directly about the values and ideals of a group of people.