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Rhinoplasty: Non-Surgical Options

The nose is a central focus of the face and often adds to or takes away from a person's aesthetic appeal. Most of the time non-surgical rhinoplasty is set up for a patient attempting to change his or her appearance.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is an amazing treatment that can dramatically enhance the look of your nose. You can get a new nose within just 10 -15 minutes.

There are other instances when this procedure can be used to help a person dealing with a birth defect or traumatic experience that has had an impact on the nose. As long as a person is relatively healthy and there is a need or desire for the procedure, most doctors will go ahead and complete the work.

The filler-injection technique allows a plastic surgeon to change the shape of almost any part of the nose. It can add more fullness to the bridge of the nose or even decrease the size of the nostrils. If a person is unhappy with the lack of tip on the end of his or her nose, the injections can add some volume to that area as well.

These non-surgical procedures usually cost less and tend to provide similar results. The recovery time is not as difficult to manage and people are able to get back to their regular routine quickly.