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Rugs That Originate From The Middle East

The Persian rug is said to be the most distinct item that embodies Middle Eastern art and culture most particularly in Iran. Known as Persia during the ancient times, Iran produces and exports three-quarters of the world's total output for handmade carpets.

The Persian oriental rugs are known for their exquisite designs that are often copied by weavers around the world. There are many sites such as from where you can buy area rugs online.

Persian rugs are classified by regions, tribal or city, quality, and size. Each region has its own style of carpet-making. It can either be made in the city or by tribal groups. City rugs have a more detailed and colorful design while tribal rugs are mostly geometric in design with little details.

In terms of quality, Persian rugs are also identified by its knots count. When knot counts are higher, its quality is higher as well. Sizes, on the other hand, are classified as 7×10 feet, 8×12 feet, and 10×13 feet. You can buy area rugs of any size.

Genuine Oriental rugs are made from wool. Wool has its different variety as well such as camel hair wool, and Kork wool. Silk, on the other hand, is an expensive material but less durable.