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Save A Life With CPR and First Aid Training In Dublin

With a universal purpose of alleviating suffering and prolonging life, First Aid practices have been taught not only to medical professionals but as well as ordinary personage all over the globe. When an emergency arises, it helps to know that you are equipped with the fundamentals to get you through life-threatening predicaments.

Although discussed openly, knowing the low level of emergency response is not a sufficient license for most people to respond to medical needs that arise during disasters and natural disasters. 

It is for this reason that First aid courses training in Dublin are offered so that the average person can be trained in compulsory emergency medical concepts. 

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Advanced first aid courses are offered by organizations such as the American Red Cross to train and certify qualified first aid practitioners such as CPR.

Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation can make a significant difference between survival and death. In just six minutes, a person suffering from a heart attack can experience brain death or permanent damage. The person usually faints, loses consciousness, stops breathing, or becomes short of breath at regular intervals and loses visible impulses.

Such life-threatening conditions can be immediately overcome by educated onlookers waiting for trained rescuers and paramedics. Rescue breathing combined with chest compressions is performed to provide additional oxygen and allow blood to flow to the system.