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Scenarios Requiring Landscape Drainage Solutions in Maryland

Drainage problems are extremely common for homeowners. However, not all drainage issues are the same. In fact, they can originate from a host of reasons. The following article presents a few different scenarios that can cause different sorts of drainage issues. 

It also seeks to provide possible solutions to the underlying problems. Remember, when facing landscape drainage issues, your best bet is to find a contractor that deals specifically with such problems. You can find affordable landscape drainage solutions in Maryland at 2 Brothers Landscaping.

Ponds – What happens to your pond when it rains too much? The odds are it overflows. And where does that overflow end up? In your yard and eventually in your home or basement. In this case, a couple of different drainage solutions can be utilized. 

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First, you may want to have a drainage system installed along the backside of your home (assuming the pond is in the back) so that water can be rerouted elsewhere. Secondly, consider thick plastic protection with gravel against the wall.

Low elevation – When your yard is of a lower elevation than that of your neighbors, you are facing a host of potential problems. For starters, you are likely to find that after it rains, all the water from your neighbors' yards will end up settling in yours. While this is great for them, it can be both annoying and disastrous for you. 

And if they water their lawns using sprinkler systems, you can count on having a constantly soggy yard. How might you fix the issue? A French Drain system installed around the fence perimeter may be able to intercept the groundwater and channel it into the city drainage system. French Drains can also be installed in particular problem areas of your yard.

Toilet problems – If you find it hard to flush your toilet during spouts of heavy rain, a plumber is likely not the person you need to call. Instead, consider contacting a drainage expert. More than likely what is going on is that whoever installed your septic tank did so incorrectly. More specifically, they were probably installed in the wrong area.