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Selling a Business – Common Mistakes to Avoid

It's not enough to get your financial information together and to contact your landlord to commitments when selling a business. When doing the right thing, the owners often make three fatal mistakes that significantly reduce their chances of achieving a successful sale. These problems are:

1. Sign the open list may make the person who sold the business to feel that he has the upper hand, has involved more than one broker to sell the company and retain the right to do it yourself and avoid the burden of commission altogether. You can also visit to get advice regarding buying and selling your business.

2. To set the asking price is too high in relation to income is documented and then claim the right price because the income is actually higher than reported, is the strategy favored by some sellers, but the strategy may be to bring the problem, rather than achieving the desired results.

Fewer problems incurred by someone who wants to sell a business with this pricing technique is that the buyer would be "turned off" to the seller.

3. Some sellers think it's smart to play "hard to get." According to this reasoning, if the buyer cannot easily reach the business owner to ask or negotiate a transaction, the buyer will form the impression that the seller must be very busy with other prospects and deals.