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Red sand and other types of sand casting foundry housed in what is usually described as thermos molders are nothing more than a box of wood or steel fabrication without bottom or lid.

Box frame consists of two parts, and they are divided into two sections that are stacked one above the other, the two halves called the block which is the top, and drag flask which is the bottom of the box.

Box suitable for casting molds can be built at home hobby practical engineer of wood or steel. Some people may find that building a steel mold of the box a little harder than wood. If you are searching online for timber boxes then you can check out

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That depends on whether you feel more comfortable working with either wood or steel and also the kind of tools that you already have in your workshop.

You can choose to build your mold box of wood, but if you want to build from steel then you should do it. The manufacturer of the company was built four 10 X 12 "steel box mold every year, and they are as good as the day they were built because they are built with wood.

They may not have long-term durability like steel. Mold box project described here, about building a mold cope and drag boxes of mild steel mild. A good size to work hobby is box mold measuring 9 x 10 "(250 x 30mm). But you can make them larger or smaller to suit your needs.

Box mold can be made according to the size of your castings will be made; the above measure will serve the hobby foundry worker throughout the learning period hobby metal casting.