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A Career In Auto Body Repair Technology

According to the NHTSA, there were 5,687,000 traffic accidents in the United States in 2013. Of those accidents, 30,057 resulted in death, and the remaining 5,584,000 caused the injury (1,591,000) or simply property damage (3,95 million). That's an incredible 15,580 accidents PER DAY, 365 days a year!! Although a percentage of accidents result in vehicles being written off for irreparable damage, more are sent to repair shops for repairs and returned to their pre-accident luster.

The technology behind a vehicle's construction, knowledge of the manufacturer's repair specifications and methods, and familiarity with the materials used in the production of contemporary vehicles are all crucial for a repair shop to be able to successfully handle any vehicle involved in an accident. This technique for auto body repair is rather advanced.

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Technological advancements have led to an increasingly diversified automotive industry as vehicle manufacturers experiment with different materials, new technologies, and design principles. Differences in spare parts, manufacture, construction, design concepts, and building materials have made body repair a much more complex and diverse industry than before. 

Gone are the days of the old one vehicle, one workshop rule because not only are the sheer number of vehicles now coming through the repair shop industry making this impractical, but the complexities of new vehicle technology also encourage workshop specialization.