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Coinomize: The best bitcoin mixer to protect your privacy

People are often in delusion so they perceive Bitcoin as one anonymous payment network. And they are wrong. Bitcoin is one of the most transparent payment networks today. So bear in mind that it is your responsibility, up to you to adopt good practices like btc mixer in order to completely protect your privacy. 

But before we dive into the reasons why bitcoin laundry is a great way to hide your identity, let's say something more about Bitcoin traceability.

Understanding Bitcoin Traceability

Let's make one thing crystal clear. Bitcoin works with complete transparency, that is, an unprecedented level of transparency and most people are not used to this. Every single Bitcoin transaction is traceable, public, and permanently stored in their network.

Bitcoin use addresses to define where bitcoins are allocated or sent. These trackable addresses are created by your user wallet. Unfortunately, once your address is used, anyone can see the balance and transactions of your or other's address.

Since people need to show, or let's better say reveal their identity in order to receive goods or services, this Bitcoin address cannot remain one hundred percent anonymous.

How does Bitcoin Mixing work?

bitcoin mixing is in charge of hiding your identity for every single transaction you make. If you wonder how so, let's dive into the wonders of tumbler bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymized, yet you need to understand that although Bitcoin transactions are not linked to a specific name, there are ways that someone can easily track your transactions back to you. Well, it is the internet…

Alright, let's start. Bitcoin mixing is, to put it simply, a pool of the coins of wide users that randomly sends them back to users. In a more technical sense, it involves the usage of a third-party service to hide the connection between those who send coins and those who receive coins.

When Bitcoins are mixed, it is way harder for people to track them, including where they came from or who you send them to.

To give the exact demonstration of how it looks like, let's imagine that you have 10 BTC sent to you by someone. Pay attention now to why bitcoin mixer is important. In order to hide your transaction from other people where you got your bitcoin from, just use the bitcoin mixing platform. It helps you to receive these 10 BTC from your friend without a trace. Your friend is actually sending their 10 BTC through this platform, then the platform sends them back to you by using the randomization process. This way, your 10 BTC are untraceable, that is, cannot be traced back to the person who sent you 10 BTC.

What Exactly Makes Bitcoin Mixing Safe And Secure?

Of course, not all platforms are designed the same. Some of them have better systems with more layers of security to completely make your transactions untraceable. With the best bitcoin mixing platform, the process of following the bitcoin transaction trail becomes one hundred percent impossible to crack – even by the almighty future quantum computers.