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Save Space With a Round Handicap Bath Tub

Do you have a disability or care for someone who is not? Is it difficult or impossible to bathe or shower in a traditional bathtub? If you or someone you care for has a hard time, or can not, climb up the sides of the tub, sit down or get up from one, or stand up long enough to take a shower, the walk-in bathtub is the solution. 

Features of Round Handicap Bath Tub

Although there is a small rectangular walk-in tub available, the bathtub around the handicap is usually the smallest walk-in tub in the market. It is a blessing if you've missed the walk-in tub but did not think one would fit in your bathroom. 

The round design is perfect for this situation and will solve any problem you have with a traditional bathtub or a problem with trying to convert a traditional bathtub into one that meets safety requirements and your function. You can get various range of bathtubs by visiting hotspring.no/vare-avdelinger/hotspring-trondheim/.

A flaw round tub will help you save space in your bathroom in three ways:

1) It will be an open space

2) It will provide access to the two sides

3) It will give you the accessibility and comfort in a smaller package.

1. This will open up space.

The round shape allows for it to be installed either flush one wall or fitting into a corner. Either way, you open up a whole section of the bathroom to use in other ways or left open for easy maneuvering around the tub. Space savings will make it easier to get through the outer swinging door, which might be more difficult with a rectangular model. Changing the traditional bath with bath rotation defects can actually give you more space in the end bathroom.

2. It will provide access to the two sides.

This feature is useful for two reasons. One, it allows you to move around the tub easier handicap rounds, making the room more functional and also makes it easier to clean. And two, if you or the person you care for needs help bathing, have access to all-around will make both your life much better.

3. It will give you the accessibility and comfort in a smaller package.

Despite its size, the bathtub around the handicap will give you all the functions and features of the larger models walk-in shower. You will not be sacrificing safety or comfort. Torque is lowered to the ground so you can walk easily. It sports a no-slip floor and safety handrail. Many models come with a contoured seat with armchairs and jet whirlpool bath for extra comfort. You can take a shower without the hassles and have a bit of luxury without consuming all your bathroom space.