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The Future Architecture Direction of Interior Design in Detached house

The increase in sales was more focused on health issues, which changed the growing trend in decorative materials. When choosing wood decoration materials for a “single-storey detached house” (which is also known as "enetasjes enebolig” in the Norwegian language), the focus is on functions such as biodegradable or environmentally friendly.

The first important point for interior decoration is energy-saving and environmental protection. From misuse of wood or plant materials to some biodegradable materials such as melamine-faced boards or melamine decorative wood, they are more common than ever in people's detached homes.

The second important point for interior design in health care. People tend to pay more attention to physical conditions such as life satisfaction. However, to make a profit, several detached houses have recently painted their furniture with paints containing toxic gases that were prohibited by law at the time. 

The third key point is intelligence, which combines material creation with microelectronic technology. Through the realization and intellectualization of dreams of control and modulation of detached house furniture, new directions have emerged for the advancement of interior design.

Some building products, such as unglazed ceramic tiles or single-color wood panels, are popular with the public for their simplicity and integrity. Also, standardization of interior design will not prevent people from individualizing. People are more likely to arrange their houses according to their own opinion.