Marketing and Advertising

The Meaning And Importance Of PPC

If you have a website or business, your goal is to get new customers. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way to get customers quickly in a precise and measurable way. Before you hire a New York PPC Company, it's important to understand PPC, how it works, and other considerations.

What is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising model that is used to drive traffic to a website. Website owners create ads, identify related keyword terms, and bid for those keyword terms. Website owners pay a fee when a visitor clicks on a sponsored ad, and this is why it's called "pay per click."

How does PPC work?

Advertisers create ads on Google, MSN, or Facebook. This ad has a title, header, product description, and related website address. After the ad is created, the advertiser takes the bid price for the related keyword term.

In general, the more competitive your keyword terms are, the higher the click costs will be. After your ad is set and your bid is chosen, then you submit your ad for approval. After the ad is approved, your ad will run on search engines.

Why Should You Care?

In many ways, pay-per-click is similar to SEO because it follows constant keyword research and analysis. This is different because it generates traffic much faster than SEO. Sometimes it takes 6 months to get a good ranking in a search engine, but a PPC campaign can be launched in a day.