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The Vegan Food Pyramid

Application of the vegan food pyramid

Vegans are those who choose not to eat meat or other animal products. If you're a vegan or plan to go vegan, it's important to use the vegan food pyramid to make sure you're consuming enough protein and other nutrients to stay healthy and maintain your energy levels. You can also discover more info about the vegan food pyramid at

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If this is your first time seeing the vegan food pyramid, it's something you may be familiar with. Bread and cereals form the base of the vegan pyramid, followed one tier by fruit and vegetables. However, if you look closely, you will see that milk and dairy products have been replaced by other calcium-rich foods such as fortified soy milk. Meat has been replaced by legumes, which include beans, beans, peas and lentils, and tofu.

In some versions of the pyramid, nuts and calcium-fortified foods are grouped together, in others, they are placed next to each other since meat and dairy appear in the usual food pyramid. After all, they are important to a vegan diet, as these foods contain most of the protein that vegans eat.

At the top of the food, the pyramid is the omega-3 fatty acid group. Fatty acids may sound like a scary term to those who are used to hearing that Americans need to reduce their fat intake, but these fats are an important part of the vegan diet. These fatty acids, found in nuts, seeds, and other sources in a vegan diet, nourish hair and nails. They also help maintain the immune system and help a person maintain a healthy weight.